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Power of Silence Synopsis

For the very first time, this film tells the whole story of Braco, a unique person who helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world. The film provides valuable insights into his astonishing life story from the beginning of his work.

Director’s Statement

In my career I met a lot of interesting people, but Braco is truly unique. His mission and willingness to help anyone who needs help is something really different in today’s world. For me, it was a privilege to be allowed to watch this kind of spiritual work.


Jack Bemporad

Director of the nonprofit Center for Interreligious Understanding (CIU), founded in 1992. Its aim is to bring people of all religious faiths together to promote open dialogue, mutual respect, and theological understanding of the common foundations shared by the world’s religions. He is also Director of John Paul II Center and Professor of Interreligious studies, both at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome.

Armand Assante

The American actor is noted for his Emmy Award winning role as mobster John Gotti in the 1996 HBO miniseries Gotti. His first screen role was as a wedding guest in the minor cult film The Lords of Flatbush (1974) starring Henry Winkler and Sylvester Stallone.


Charismatic Croatian Braco is offering support to people from all walks of life who wish for a better quality of living. Only through his silent gaze thousands have experienced improvements of various life situations and found inner peace and balance. Braco was awarded the prestigious Peace Pole at the United Nations community event in 2012 in New York City.

Trailers and stills


Jakov Sedlar


Jakov Sedlar is a Croatian film director. In his career he made 8 feature and more than 70 documentary films. He also directed 32 theatre plays (Shakespeare, ONeal, Coburn, Krleza, Chekhov…). For his work he received prestigious awards, including the International Peace Award at the Venice Film Festival (2004) for his docudrama “Syndrome Jerusalem” starring Martin Sheen, Macaulay Culkin, Charlotte Rampling, Mili Avital and others. He lives and works between Zagreb, New York and Tel Aviv.

Dominik Sedlar


Dominik Sedlar (writer) did a number of successful films as writer and (co)director: Syndrome Jerusalem, In Between Engagements, Quarter to Eight, Searching for Orson

Dario Bajurin

Director of Photography and Editor

Dario Bajurin (Director of Photography and Editor) is a Croatian DP. He shot several films directed by Jakov Sedlar (Anne Frank, Then and Now, The Righteous Gypsy, Requiem for the World…), as well as many commercials in Croatia and across Europe.

Ten FAQs

answers Jakov Sedlar

What made you create Power of Silence?

Braco’s uniqueness is something that amazed me from the beginning. I had already heard a lot about him before I started making this film, but our collaboration allowed me to truly appreciate how big a person he actually is.

What has been your personal experience with Braco’s Gaze?

My feeling was pure happiness…

How would you describe this documentary?

I tried to make a film about the world as it is today, not only about Braco. His life and his work inspired me to tell the story about everything that is around us today…

What were the most memorable moments in creating Power of Silence?

Whenever I direct a film that is shot in many different locations, I learn a lot, but the most memorable moments were the reactions of the people to his presence.

Power of Silence has been called the most important documentary Film of our time. What are your thoughts on this?

I think this is too much. I tried to put everything that is in my heart into this story. Audience reactions will reveal how important the film actually is.

What makes this documentary different from your other documentaries and features?

To begin with, I never directed a documentary about a person who is still alive without his verbal participation! It was difficult, but it was an interesting challenge. Watch Power of Silence and discover for yourself how I chose to solve this problem.

What has been the reaction of people who’ve seen the film’s premiere?

I believe that everyone who sees the film must feel spiritually enriched

Where will Power of Silence be seen next, after the Los Angeles and NYC premieres, and how do you intend to show it around the world?

We already have requests from Western Europe through Russia to Australia. Because of Bracos influence in many countries, I have no doubt that the film will be watched with interest across the globe.

Why did you select Armand Assante and the Rabbi to feature in this documentary?

Armand Assante is a great actor and a dear friend. His character and his recognizable voice were the reason why I decided to ask him to narrate the film and to get his statement about Braco.

Rabbi Bemporad is another friend and one of the most knowledgeable people I know. His view and his suggestions were very important for all of us who did this film.

What makes Power of Silence different than other documentary films that have been made about Braco?

This documentary will, for the very first time, tell the whole story about Bracos work and his life. Furthermore, his work will be shown in a contemporary global context.

Technical specification

Total run time: 55 minutes

Dialogue languages: English

Production: Croatia, Russia, Austria, Slovenia, Netherlands, Germany, USA, Australia, Japan.

Executive Producer:

Amadis Ltd.


Jakov Sedlar

Press contact:

Jakov Sedlar

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